Vinitaly 2023 was the occasion for "SEITERRE VITICOLTORI SINCE 1877" to unveil the new

Vinitaly 2023 was the occasion for “SEITERRE VITICOLTORI SINCE 1877” to unveil the new

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At Vinitaly 2023 the Sei Terre company presented all the novelties of the Traditional and Orizzonti lines.

Milan, Italy.
Vinitaly is the Italian wine fair with the greatest worldwide visibility. From small wineries to big brands, all the nuances and variations of Italian wine can be found by international buyers. In this sense, being there is certainly a privilege. Also this year SEITERRE VITICOLTORI DAL 1877 was present with its renovated space and with the new logo, which they were proud to present to the public together with the two new product lines.

Five generations of winemakers

The Rizzi family began in 1877 in Avio in Trentino to cultivate vines and produce wine. Luigino Rizzi, the current owner, moved to the Veronese area from Trentino in the eighties to acquire new vineyards in wine-growing areas that meet the needs of his winemaking projects, up to the current 300 hectares of exclusive property of the family. If the company, which today has its headquarters near Lake Garda, on the one hand boasts more than a century of experience behind it, in front of it it has a new generation that is passionate about the family tradition and that carries on , with the same passion of his ancestors, the profession of winemaker. Anna, the daughter of Luigino and Sandra, is taking care of the development of foreign markets and marketing, promoting sustainability and territorial values, she represents the future face of the company.

The news presented at VINITALY 2023

The SEITERRE VITICOLTORI DAL 1877 company logo was recently renewed, to underline the beginning of a new phase, which also sees new product lines as protagonists: the “SEITERRE TRADITIONAL” line and the “SEITERRE ORIZZONTI” line derived from the vineyards owned by the Rizzi family.
Enclosed in these names, there are the two main elements of the SEITERRE VITICOLTORI SINCE 1877 philosophy, i.e. tradition and eyes on the future.
These labels are wines destined to be ambassadors abroad of the brand and of the tradition of the territories to which they belong.
The “SEITERRE TRADITIONAL” line is expressed with a series of DOCs such as LUGANA, CHIARETTO di BARDOLINO, CUSTOZA and PINOT GRIGIO DELLE VENEZIE designed to celebrate the territories that the Rizzi family has chosen as an operational base and for their daily family life.

The Limited Edition “Gigi Rizzi Collection”

Luigino Rizzi (editor’s note: called ‘Gigi’ by family, collaborators and friends) felt the need to summarize the result of over forty years of experience in wine in a Limited Edition, the “GIGI RIZZI COLLECTION”. Among the labels already in barriques and those still ‘unrevealable’, the one to which he is most attached is certainly the “GIGI RIZZI COLLECTION N°01” a Lugana DOC Superiore, fruit of the Turbiana grape harvest. A wine obtained starting from a careful selection of the production of one of the best vineyards of the company, located on Lake Garda in the historic production area.
The result of the aging in barrique, thanks to the use of fine French woods of different toasts, has made it possible to respond positively to expectations. The result is a perfectly balanced and balanced wine.


Since the end of 2021, SEITERRE VITICOLTORI DAL 1877 has been part of the SQNPI “National Integrated Production Quality System”, which, in compliance with the climatic/environmental, cultural and phytosanitary peculiarities that distinguish the various agricultural areas of the Italian territory, indicates the intervention criteria with disciplinary measures, the agronomic solutions and strategies to be adopted for the defense of crops and the control of weeds, with a view to a lower impact on man and the environment.


SEITERRE VITICOLTORI SINCE 1877 is a multifaceted reality and is also Hospitality, with two farmhouses, the San Leone Estate near Lake Garda and the Montebello Estate in Monferrato, two areas of incredible beauty.
The Rizzi family has also obtained a perfect marriage between the wine and the beer it produces in the rural brewery annexed to the San Leone estate: a Grape Ale in which the beer is musted with Turbiana must, the basic grape variety of Lugana DOC.
The award-winning mash ‘The Inevitable’ is just one of many products from a brewery that proudly produces its own barley.

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