The seductive costume project for Magnifica

The seductive costume project for Magnifica

Scritto da Redazione on . Postato in Agenda Moda, English channel

The Italian Cultural Institute in Whashington, DC and International Arts & Artists in collaboration with Cody Gallery at Marymount University, present Goldschmied & Chiari MAGNIFICA.

La scelta di pubblicare in lingua inglese vuole aprire il nostro magazine ai lettori internazionali.

Milano, Italia.

Couture fashion, and pulsing music

Magnifica brings together a nexis of artworks made from Murano glass and colored smoke bombs with contemporary dance, couture fashion, and pulsing music fusing together these different mediums to create a four-minute screendance performance that is both intoxicating and playful at the same time.

Screendance Performance, choreographed by Mimmo Miccolis of, The Washingtone Ballet

Choreography: Mimmo Miccolis, curators: Emanuele Amendola and Allison Nance, producer/director: Carola Mamberto, director of photography: Umit Gulsen, editor: Carola Mamberto, original music: Francesco Chiari, grip: Mat Maclntyre, gaffer: William Iversen, photos: xmbphotography

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MAGNIFICA by the link below
MAGNIFICA: Goldschmied & Chiari

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the duo Goldschmied & Chiari by the link below
Duo Goldschmied & Chiari