On stage the new Rossoprezioso collection

On stage the new Rossoprezioso collection

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The ancient walls and the evocative atmosphere of the Fioraio Bianchi caffè delight the new collection of precious Red. Ideal scenery that stands out the jewels and refined colors designs.

Ksenia Doroshchuk, dalla New York University di Praga dove studia dalla scrittura creativa alla sceneggiatura, collaborerà con il magazine Agenda Viaggi, dove scriverà in inglese. Sarà un’opportunità per entrambi di comunicare con il pubblico internazionale.

Milan, Italy.
The open presentation of ROSSOPREZIOSO jewelry delighted with its contrast. The
exhibition itself took place in a small café, Fioraio Bianchi Caffé. Upon entry, the room becomes
a moment of admiration as the old walls contrast with the bright colors furnished throughout the
cafe and colorful jewelry that complements the refined atmosphere.

At first glance, the bright jewelry immediately caught the eye, but they were not acid
colors; just because of the contrasts, the jewelry looked richer. Likewise, it is necessary to note
that flowers near each collection emphasize the ornaments’ naturalness and lightness.

The jewelry is made of lacquered and enameled olive wood and gilded metal, sterling
silver, or yellow gold. Products made of these components are very lightweight, so it does not
create unnecessary discomfort or heaviness when you wear them. For example, jewelry from the
LOLLIPOP collection, which gives the final look of perkiness and adds a touch of 70s-80s, is
straightforward to wear on the hand and neck. The main feature of this collection can also be
considered a variety, as explained by an employee of the jewelry house. There are two types of
wear in the collection LOLLIPOP, the first, daytime, and the second, evening. On the one hand,
the whole secret is that the jewelry is more matte and quiet, which will perfectly complement the
daytime image, and on the other hand, the jewelry shimmers and plays in the light. Thus, even
the most uncomplicated jewelry can be multifunctional.

Furthermore, there were other collections at the exhibition, such as CHAIN UP, a bright
collection decorated with natural stones. It’s perfect for a more relaxed look and can be used to
accentuate or intensify a more glowing look. This collection is suitable for girls who love bright
accents in their lives.

CONFETTI is a collection remembered for its minimalism. Pendants from this collection
are made of silver and painted with small bright natural stones. Other models of this collection
also look very restrained. It is worth noting that this collection is perfect for modest girls or girls
who want to remain discreet but love bright accents.

SOWING OF LOVE collection, as no less charming collection. This collection can be
described as a gift of love for yourself or your loved ones. When it is a day of celebration for a
loved one, jewelry from the collection SOWING OF LOVE will be a good solution. The jewelry
itself looks even more restrained than the jewelry from the collection CONFETTI, thereby can
not be mistaken with the preferences in the jewelry of a loved one.

Despite all the beautiful jewelry, it is also worth mentioning the employees of
ROSSOPREZIOSO. The girl who personally conducted the presentation filled in as a good
employee and seller and as a good person. During the presentation, the communication touched
on the jewelry itself and talked about life. Their employees were interested in the customer’s life,
trying to become friends, and such people really wanted to tell more about themselves and learn
more about themselves. Indeed, the employee is the face of the company, and the
ROSSOPREZIOSO team proved this statement. After talking to them, I really want to go back
and buy something from their collections to become a part of their life.
Ksenia Doroshchuk

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Ksenia Doroshchuk

Ksenia Doroshchuk, giovanissima studentessa della New York University di Praga dove studia dalla scrittura creativa alla sceneggiatura. Oggi ha deciso di portare il suo back ground a disposizione del magazine Agenda Viaggi, dove scriverà in inglese. Scrivere per Ksenia sarà l’opportunità per esprimere e mostrarci tutto il suo stile, o meglio quello che conserva nel fondo della sua anima.