"Kendall for ABOUT YOU". On stage one of the fashion icons in the world: Kendall Jenner

“Kendall for ABOUT YOU”. On stage one of the fashion icons in the world: Kendall Jenner

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The online fashion store ABOUT YOU presented its first collection with Kendall Jenner, one of the biggest and most famous celebrities and fashion icons in the world, on 25 July 2021. The launch includes a total of 11 models in different color variations, composed of Kendall’s favorite everyday pieces that reflect her personal style. Every single piece is numbered and has a special code that includes Kendall’s birthday: 11/03. “Kendall for ABOUT YOU” is available exclusively for 72 hours in all 23 ABOUT YOU European stores, a first for the online fashion store.

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Milan, Italy.

Kendall for ABOUT YOU

With 171+ million Instagram followers, Kendall Jenner is one of the biggest and most famous
models in the world and inspires her followers with her individual style. It was not only her
individuality but also her authenticity that convinced ABOUT YOU to create a capsule collection
with Kendall and make her style available to shop across Europe. With “Kendall for ABOUT YOU”,
the fashion online shop launches its first collection, which is available simultaneously in all 23
European ABOUT YOU markets. The special highlight: the collection is exclusively limited to 72
hours, starting on Sunday 25 July at 00:00 (CET). From 15 July ABOUT YOU customers and
Kendall fans will have exclusive access to the sneak peak of the styles via aboutyouexclusives.com
and will be able to sign up for a newsletterto catch up all the updates. A second drop is planned for
autumn/winter 2021.

Creating the right hype among digital natives

The 11 pieces of “Kendall for ABOUT YOU” are not only especially limited, but also have a very
special artwork (11/03). Each item is numbered with a unique code and ends with Kendall’s
birthday, 3 November. “Our goal with this campaign is to create hype among digital natives and
make Kendall’s unique style accessible to all ABOUT YOU customers. The collection itself has
become very personal and is made up of Kendall’s favourite pieces,” explains Julian Jansen, Content
Director at ABOUT YOU.

Kendall’s hometown in Los Angeles

“I love basics. You can combine every piece in the collection as a mix and match. And the pieces are
numbered according to my birthday,” says the model herself. The shoot took place in Kendall’s
hometown of Los Angeles to show her in her usual and natural environment. The result is a very
personal campaign that shows her as real and close as never before. Another premiere: Her dog
Pyro, who was part of the shoot as a special guest. The campaign was photographed by the
internationally renowned Zoey Grossman. Creative direction by Donald Schneider Studio

The models focus on basic shades such as beige, taupe, black and white…

The collection includes cool essentials with an elevated touch like soft shirts and tops, basic shorts
and cropped jumpers, but also very special pieces like a slip dress or a bikini. In terms of colour, the
styles focus on basic shades such as beige, taupe, black and white and are rounded off with trendy
camel and red as well as soft green and ochre.
The summer capsule “Kendall for ABOUT YOU” is the first of two planned capsule collections. The
11 collection pieces will be available from Sunday 25 July 2021 in all European online shops of
ABOUT YOU in sizes 34 to 44 or XS-XXL and cost between 39.90€ and 79.90€.

Learn more at: ABOUT YOU

ABOUT YOU digitizes the classic shopping stroll by creating an inspiring and personalized shopping experience on the smartphone. At ABOUT YOU the focus is on the customers, who are supported in expressing themselves individually
through fashion. On the website aboutyou.com and the multi-award-winning ABOUT YOU app, customers find
versatile inspiration and a range of more than 400,000 items from over 2,000 brands. With more than 30 million
unique monthly active users, ABOUT YOU is one of the largest fashion and lifestyle platforms in Europe. It is currently active in 23 European markets. With the ABOUT YOU Commerce Suite, the fashion tech company also offers its own
e-commerce infrastructure as a licensed product.

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