SPRING SUMMER 2022 FASHION, the proposals of s e r i e n° u m e r i c a

FASHION SPRING SUMMER 2022, s e r i e n ° u m e r i c a on stage

Scritto da Redazione on . Postato in Agenda Moda, English channel


La scelta di pubblicare in lingua inglese vuole aprire il nostro magazine ai lettori internazionali.

Milano, Italia.
Guarantee a more sustainable and equitable world: each person can contribute with their choices and means to the creation of a wave of positive change for our planet and its people.

We believe in the need for a collective commitment to ensure a fairer and more sustainable world. Each of us has the opportunity to choose with their choices and possibilities to create a wave of positive change for the planet and for the population.
Ph. Ivan Cazzola

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