PRUNE NOURRY and ROBIN KID (a.k.a. THE KID) on stage at the Galerie Templon the new exhibitions

PRUNE NOURRY and ROBIN KID (a.k.a.THE KID) on stage at the Galerie Templon the new exhibitions

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Prune Nourry invites you to discover his latest works of art: Eight evocative busts of visually impaired models made with blindfolded eyes.

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Milan, Italy.

Intertwining between art and healing

For an exhibition focusing on the themes of the intertwining of art and healing, and rebirth after a particular ordeal, Prune Nourry invites you to come and discover her latest works of art: eight busts of visually impaired models that the artist has created with blindfolded, inspired by their personal history. – through touch and in absolute darkness.

The meeting between the artists and their models

Each visitor will be invited to discover the portraits accompanied by a sound broadcast of the meetings between the artist and her models, as well as watching a short film by Vincent Lorca that retraces the different stages of the project.

In a world turned upside down, the “true” becomes a moment of the false.” Guy Debord, The Society Of The Spectacle (1967)

Questioning our way of life

For the first time at the Templon Gallery, Robin Kid will present a new collection of works that question our way of life, our addiction to news that we can access 24/7 and the addiction we have to TV screens and phones glued our hands.

Capturing the despair and repulsion of my young generation…

“By taking the Zeitgeist of today and breaking it apart into de-fragmented wall-relief paintings, sculptures and installations, I try to capture the despair and revulsion of my young generation and take a baseball bat to everything else.”


ROBIN KID (a.k.a THE KID) – It’s All Your Fault
Opening event: 4 September, 12 – 8pm
4 September – 23 October
Galerie Templon, 28 rue Grenier-Saint-Lazare, 75003 Paris