It’s...Time of Style. Horizontal sofa ēdition

It’s…Time of Style. Horizontal sofa edition

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Time & Style: “The Horizontal Sofa was born from the living concept in Japan. Japanese living space is smaller than European living space. I think it is better to have the product that expand horizontally as much as possible.

La scelta di pubblicare in lingua inglese vuole aprire il nostro magazine ai lettori internazionali.

Milan, Italy.

It is a complete collection that interprets the living space

A series of elements with square, straight, geometric lines. The project by the Japanese brand Time & Style is composed of a complete seating system entirely made in Italy. In addition to the two-seater, three-seater and corner upholstered elements, there are a chaise longue, pouf, wood cabinet and occasional table with marble top. It is a complete collection that interprets the living space, respecting balance and proportion in search of perfect comfort.