In Argentina, the famous train for the clouds resumes its journey

In Argentina, the famous train for the clouds resumes its journey

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A great event for big fans of … clouds. The magical unforgettable experience in the province of Salta restarts its customary circuit so visitors can feel our country from the sky.

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The famous Train to the Clouds in the province of Salta has restarted its emblematic ride that goes through various typical landscapes of the Northern area of Argentina. It is the third highest railway worldwide and reaches 4220 meters above sea level when passing along La Polvorilla viaduct.

The circuit invites you to enjoy landscapes that are unique in the world. It starts and ends in San Antonio de los Cobres, a village where you can find and take with you crafts made by the locals, typical of the Puna. Other things to do in the area are taking rides on llamas, enjoying cultural and rural experiences, or visiting churches and museums, as well as tasting the typical food of the north.

You can experience unique landscapes in the world

Due to the variety of landscapes and panoramic views that can be seen all along the ride, the train is an attraction for tourists from all countries, journalists and influencers. Visitors can also see some major engineering works from last century. The feelings of the ride are combined with stories and experiences to learn about the history of the railway construction, started by engineer Richard Fontain Maury in 1920 and turned into a railway-tourism enterprise in 1972.

A unique experience with the third highest railway in the world reaching 4220 meters

You can also start the ride in the city of Salta: take a bus to San Antonio de los Cobres very early and see several villages and panoramic views. Make a stop to take pictures at Campo Quijano, then see El Toro viaduct and the Yacoraite Geological Formation. In the morning, enjoy a country-style breakfast in the district of Alfarcito to finally arrive at the station and get on the Train, which reaches la Polvorilla Viaduct and returns to San Antonio de los Cobres. The bus comes back to the capital city of the province in the early evening and makes a stop at Santa Rosa de Tastil.

The Train to the Clouds has already got its health protocols and the complete tour offers a tour guide, breakfast, an afternoon snack, transfer service, a travel schedule and medical assistance.

The train has already restarted its customary ride and is waiting for tourists all around the world to enjoy it again.

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