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Natural World Heritage Site since 1984 and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World since 2011. It is a must to visit the Iguazú National Park at least once in a lifetime.

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What to visit inside the park? Here are the three things to do absolutely.

We are talking about more than 65 hectares of mother nature in its full glory. That’s more than compelling and makes thousands of visitors attend daily. Obviously, it is key to preserve the natural environment and the huge biodiversity in it. Thus, the public is allowed to step on only six of those hectares. Yet, that’s more than enough to make our hearts throb and bring up smiles due to the breathtaking landscapes.

All you can do in the National Park

1. Watch the most Colourful Flora and Fauna

Its nickname is photographic safari, since there are millions of opportunities to capture the most incredible species of the Misiones jungle. The most popular trails are lower circuit, superior circuit, Macuco trail, and Yacaratiá. If we only counted the bird, we’d watch more than 418 species in the area. Some may not even be found anywhere else in the country. Which ones? Toucans, black-fronted piping guans, the great dusky swift, multicoloured tanagers, and crested eagles.

There are colours, sizes, flies, and chirps of all kinds. What’s more, thousands of tufted capuchins, and nasuas are the undisputed figures for their grace and charm. There are also crab-eating foxes, lizards, caimans, southern mountain cavy, agoutis, and much more. Yet, the main star, the most wanted, the king of the reddish jungle is the jaguar, a wild and agile feline difficult to watch.

As regards flora, there are lianas, epiphytes, and ferns, just as in Tarzan. Also, a rare place can be found here: the jussara and rosewood forest with examples of 40 metres high —the region’s highest trees.

2. Swim in and Sail the Most Imposing Waters in Misiones

Yes, you are reading it right. You can see the Iguazú river water not only from above, on the walkways disguised in the landscape, but also from a very close distance. In fact, there are two alternatives. One of each for a specific kind of traveller.

On the one hand, the Big Adventure. As the name implies, it’s the ideal plan for the fearless. Adrenaline and laughter are common in this boat which covers the area’s most beautiful sceneries and goes under the falls. So, the fun formula includes bathing under the worldwide recognised water. This excursion is confirmed on a daily basis, depending on the river flow.

On the other hand, if tourists are looking for tranquillity and calmness, they can choose the Ecological Tour, sail other currents avoiding the rapids, and be lost in one of the most beautiful dreams in life. The exact amount of water, green, and animals.

3. Fall in Love with the Devil’s Throat

Surely, you’ve never heard this idea and let alone think it can become true. Let us tell you that if you come to Iguazú, you’ll unlock a nature-love level. Nothing can be compared to the Garganta del Diablo or Devil’s Throat, not even these words trying to honour the gem of the world’s seven natural wonders. It’s a synchronised and water spectacle that everyone should tick out of their travel list at least once. Restless, it paints the perfect painting 24/7.

What is it about? Water falls of more than 80 metres high, the green mantle embracing them, the rainbows leaning out in the afternoon, and the water drops caressing the guests’ faces to remind them how small they are before such energy.

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